I'm Italian/Irish but a Southern California girl all over - born and raised in Orange County. September 3rd is my birthday which makes me a Virgo. Dancing... shopping...& just give me warm weather with the wind in my hair and I'm very happy.

I started modeling in high school. A friend owned "Roadster Wheels" and I did a photo shoot. One photo session led to another and by the time I was a business major in college I found myself modeling full time. Soon the jobs rolled in. I've appeared at over 300 industry shows and been on the covers of numerous magazines along with doing fashion layouts for catalogues, calendars and posters. I've always enjoyed modeling and it's led me into my work on this website. Even though my schedule's been busy it's something I've always wanted to do for my fans. Now my goal is to concentrate more on my acting career. Click on the RESUME button for my detailed resume.

I'm athletic and enjoy outdoor sports but I keep fit by doing yoga and Pilates. I like to experience new things and my work has enabled me to travel to all 50 states, Europe, the Bahamas, and Mexico. I love movies but I'm even more passionate about music - all kinds.